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The Team


Tuesday Club is an Association registered in France.
Association Number: W341004342
The Team running the Tuesday Club are all volunteers.
 ------- Club Officers / Committee ------ 



Janice Boyle
      Helen photo  
Association Secretary      
Helen Clapham

Vice President 

Sandra Jones





Kevin Ingram


Paul Martin 
Paul Martin 

Membership Secretary
Holly Kurzman 
------- Articles of Association -------

The Articles of the Association are as follows;

  • The events will essentially be “Not for Profit” and any excess of income after expenditure will be applied to the management and provision of future events and related activities.
  • The Associations Officers have obtained appropriate insurance to cover public liability and provide cover for the members who support the events.
  • The Association Officers are empowered to hire facilities and equipment for events.
  • The Association Officers, the Treasurer, Webmaster and other committee members will be not be entitled to any payment for their services other than repayment of out of pocket expenses.
  • The Association Officers, the Treasurer, Webmaster and other committee members liability in respect to the running of the Association and any third party claims will be limited to €1.00 each.
  • The  Associations Officers may appoint new Officers or committee members, subject to them being recommended by an Officer of the Association and approved by a majority.
  • Should the Association be wound up, any assets will be transferred into another body with similar objects.


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